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Finding and Filling Out INS Forms and Immigration Forms

By admin | February 11, 2010

Whether you need a green card replacement, or are applying for residency for the first time, filling out an immigration form from the US government can be somewhat of a rite of passage. It is hard to overstate how important the various INS forms and immigration form requirements are. Filling out the wrong form or making even one mistake can delay your application or worse. Filling out these forms can be tricky, as well. Even the most basic form can be very complicated and may require several parts or supplementary materials. Many people who must fill out these forms are not native English speakers, and this can make the process even more complicated. If you need to fill out INS forms, forms for green card replacement, or any type of immigration form, here is how to fill these forms out right:

1) Go online. You can find most of the INS forms and other forms you need online. You can print these forms when it is convenient for you and you can even look at examples of immigration form types which have been successfully completed. These examples can help you fill out your own forms.

2) Get everything you need together. To fill out most immigration forms, you will need the form itself, your ID information, a dictionary (to look up words which may be used on the form), a place to work where you will not be disturbed, and a pen.

3) Give yourself plenty of time. Set aside enough time to fill out your forms correctly and get the right supplementary materials. If you are applying for a green card replacement, for example, do not wait until the day or week before you need to apply to start filling out forms. Consider that you might need the help of a translator. Give yourself at least a few weeks to complete any forms you need to complete. Set aside a few hours a week to work on the forms.

4) Fill out a rough draft first. Print out an extra copy of the form you need and fill this out first. A rough draft lets you make mistakes and errors. You can then correct these on the rough draft and submit a clean copy.

5) Double-check everything. Check to make sure that you have the right forms you need to use. Make sure that you information matches correctly throughout the form. For example, make sure that you write your name and address the exact same throughout different forms. Make sure that you have all the right supplementary materials and have followed all instructions very carefully.

6) Ask for help if you need it. If INS forms seem confusing or you cannot complete an immigration form, ask for help. Visit a community center, library, or multicultural association to find out who in your community can help you. If you cannot find anyone else, seek out an immigration attorney. Seeking help if you have any questions is much easier than having your applications rejected.

7) Submit your INS forms or immigration forms. Once you have your forms completed in a clean draft and have these forms completed perfectly, submit them in accordance with the written instructions you have been given.

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